Water Filter: PiMag Waterfall

Water can be a very high vibration or low vibration. Tap water contains chlorine and chloramines as well as homeopathic traces of prescriptions, toxins, and waste. If you are trying to raise your frequency and optimize your body’s ability to function optimally, the water you’re drinking all day every day has a BIG impact, especially because our bodies are mostly comprised of water. So unless you get your water from a pure well or pure stream, using a filtration system will be a big boost for your system.

People often ask me what water filter system I use. I use Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall counter-top filter. It cleans out everything even chloramines (which are really hard to remove), re-mineralizes and energizes the water. It’s pure, high frequency, and mineralized (so I don’t have to take as many mineral supplements).

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