What’s Included: 

Pelvic Floor Strength Program

Advanced Pelvic Floor Conditioning

Exclusive Facebook Group

Diastasis Recti Strengthening Program

Healing Emotional Factors Program


Pelvic Floor Strengthening Program: easy 8 minute strengthening routine that continues to increase pelvic floor strength exponentially.  

Advanced Pelvic Floor Conditioning: training the full team of muscles that work together with the pelvic floor in the stability system. 

Diastasis Recti Strengthening Program: Testing instruction and gentle targeted exercises to close diastasis recti. 

Healing Emotional Factors Program: what emotional issues and baggage most commonly contribute to a dysfunctional pelvic floor and methods to release and heal baggage.   

Exclusive Facebook Group: private FaceBook group housing all instructional videos, where you can ask questions, connect with other women, and share victories.. 

Live Zoom Instruction: live weekly class with Q&A for 6 weeks. Classes are uploaded to the FaceBook Group archive following each class.  

Bonuses: tonic pelvic floor rehab, what exercises to avoid, toileting posture, scar tissue massage, how to benefit your pelvic floor during your regular workouts, deep core activations, what causes pelvic floor dysfunction, and more.  

How is The CPF Program is different from other programs? 

There is a LOT that contributes to pelvic floor function and on many different layers including, muscle health, posture, breath patterns, scar tissue, neurological programming, fight or flight response, emotional wounds, and fascial chains.

Many programs address one or some of these angles but not all. To truly optimize your pelvic floor potential we want to address all angles. 


When will I see results? 

Most clients start seeing results in the first 2 weeks! And improvements continue increasing with time. 

Is it possible to run and jump again without peeing? 

Yes. The pelvic floor is built amazingly and has the capacity like every other muscle in the body to get exponentially stronger under the right circumstance. 

If I have a prolapsed uterus, will the CPF help me? 

Yes. Prolapse is in the more severe range and there is no guarantee this program will completely reverse it, but it certainly will strengthen and improve your pelvic floor function. 

I experience pain with sex, can this program help me?

Yes, improving pelvic floor health will improve the function of the pelvic floor. Many clients experience immediate or progressive improvement of sexual discomfort as they progress through the program. 

Should I get a consult with my doctor before starting this program? If you have any concerns, it is always a great idea to check in with your doctor or pelvic floor physical therapist.  

Get Started 

Use the link below in your browser to purchase. then add me as a FaceBook friend and I will add you to the CPF FaceBook group within 24 hours, where you can begin the program. Purchase currently requires scheduling a face appointment (1min), feel free to schedule to the next available time-slot :)