What to expect in a session?

In each session we will clear as many energetic blocks and imbalances as we can in the timeframe. Results vary depending on the individual’s processing speed and the number of imbalances contributing to the issue being addressed. Clients experience greater feelings of presentness, lightness, and improved mental clarity by the end of a session. They also experience a decrease in the severity of the issue attended to during the session. The symptoms will either decrease or disappear entirely. Symptoms or issues that are chronic, old, or have a lot of baggage contributing to them usually take multiple sessions to fully clear. The typical pattern is to experience the symptom decrease or disappear during the session and return a few days later but to a lesser extent. For example, if we clear half of the imbalances contributing to the issue, the symptom may disappear for a few days and surface at 50% of the previous severity. This gives us a picture of how many more imbalances remain that need to be cleared.

What symptoms and imbalances do Release Sessions help with?

Here are a few examples of issues my clients have been helped with:

high blood pressure, joint pain with barometric pressure changes, reversing preterm labor, physical pain, tendonitis, anxiety, depression, numbness in abdomen related to c-section scar, distance and loneliness in close relationships, pain and muscle tension from whiplash, morning sickness, food allergies, hives, self-sabotage, cold and sinus congestion, knee pain, toe-walking, back pain, pain from insect bites or stings, anger triggers in relationships, fatigue, heart-ache, sleep issues, mastitis, nervous stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, achiness from old injuries, headaches, and more.

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Jackie M
My Twins were in danger of being born extremely early when pre-term labor started at 25 weeks with dilation to 3cm. The first twin also appeared to have an infection forming in the amniotic sack and had moved down into birthing position. After a session with Emily labor stopped, the infection cleared, and baby moved back up.
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Christina M
I’ve been having pain in my hip flexor for a week and it was getting worse and worse. It hurt to stand up straight, so I have been wanting to stay slightly bent at the hips to avoid the pain. During the session it completely disappeared and it feels totally normal now!
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Steph L
Emily is always there for questions and produced very tangible changes in my life. I no longer say “I hate myself” in my head when things go wrong. My skin condition considerably improved. The relationship to my husband (throughout our divorce) has considerably improved; Emily now works with both of us!. I feel lighter in general, as though burdens were taken away from me.
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Stephanie H
Emily’s gifts of spiritual intuition, kind compassion, and energy work knowledge are in a category of excellence. Every session spent with her has left me with light and hope. ❤️
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Vanessa K
I have been working with Emily for several sessions and it has been such a great experience. Emily is always so kind and open and I look forward to every visit. I have been struggling with serious hives every day for the last couple of years, and after just a few sessions with Emily I have been able to cut down on my prescription medications for it by 70% and also have hives far less often. I have also learned so much about myself and about others through my interactions with Emily. I can't recommend her highly enough!
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Melanie B
I had the privilege to work with Emily on my chronic sinusitis. I have been on numerous treatments including 2 surgeries in the past 2 years. I have an infection now in at least 4 cavities including the deepest one in the back of my head. For months I had been waking up with headaches and congestion. Emily was able to assist me to find the wall and blocks keeping my body from healing. My experience with her lead me to a trauma that my 15 year old self had that has affected me in so many areas of my life. The memory was painful and deep and didn’t surface right away. Emily was so kind and patient and because I needed to know what it was to release she kept searching. As we began releasing the energy, there it was the traumatic event that I got to confront and peacefully let go. After our session I’m not going to lie the pain in my head was intense for about 2 hours. I knew that meant something was happening it felt as though all the pressure came to the front of my face. The pressure started to release as drainage began to start and today I am grateful that I have no headache. I also feel that emotionally I was able to release fear of rejection and negative self worth that has been affected my marriage. I was enthusiastic to share my experience with my husband so he could better understand me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
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L Mills
I am 57 years old and was diagnosed with hypertension 10 years ago. I have tried 13 different blood pressure medications and had serious side effects with each of them. About 5 years ago I stopped taking blood pressure medication all together because each caused one side effect of another and most gave me vertigo. So I stopped the meds and looked for other ways to get my blood pressure down, which I was usually around 179/98. No doctor I went to had any ideas of what else to try with me because the medication side effects were so serious. Then I found Emily and after a couple sessions my blood pressure dropped immediately to 134-138 over 78-86 and has stayed that way since. This has been such a blessing in my life, and I feel so much better knowing it's no longer extremely high. I can definitely day that sessions with Emily have been a blessing for me.
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Brooke P
I had been experiencing some anger issues for a couple of months. I just couldn't get a break from it and it would continue to build up. I was tired of allowing this emotion to consume me and turned to Emily for a session. With just one session I was able to let that anger go and move on with life. It was liberating and even those around me could notice the difference!
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Oliver N
Working with Emily has been such an enjoyable experience. No pressure or judgement has ever been placed on me and I can’t thank her enough for being so kind. I’ve gone through physical therapy many times as I have chronic back pain and the occasional neck pain, so was open to trying the Body Code energy work. I was thoroughly impressed by the results, but not just the results, more of how Emily took the time to explain and guide me through the process step by step. Left our session feeling more grounded and felt immediate relief (went from 7 to 4) that lasted several days. I can’t thank Emily enough for her expertise and kindness throughout this process. Thanks Emily!
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Holly H
Emily is so amazing she has helped me many times with a variety of things. I always walk away from our sessions so grateful for the gift of her skills. She has helped me shift some big things that I couldn't have done without her. She is also awesome with animals! She helped my dog in a big way when she was extremely sick with pancreatitis.
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Michelle S
I've known Emily on a personal and professional basis, and working with her is a joyful and uplifting experience. One of my sessions with Emily focused on shoulder and neck pain (I've had chronic shoulder tension for years, but this was an acute flare-up). I was amazed that by the end of the session my shoulders went from pain and tension at a level of 8/10 down to a 2/10, and I received insight on my approach and beliefs regarding certain areas of my life. Emily has also provided a lot of insight and release while working with my son's behavioral and sleep difficulties (now 3 years old). One particular session revealed some of my sons beliefs that were contributing factors to his sleep issues. Emily facilitated the release of these beliefs, replaced them with healthier beliefs, and then tested for some positive reinforcements that my husband and I could provide to support our son.
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Megan W
I had the privilege of working with Emily and I was impressed by her skills and knowledge! She helped me with a certain issue and the emotional charge behind it vanished quickly. Over the next few days following our session, I felt so many positive shifts! There were things I had been putting off and avoiding doing, and after our session, I just started doing them without even thinking about it until afterward, when I realized these were things I had had huge blocks about doing before! That was such an amazing change! I highly recommend working with Emily. She is professional and easy to work with, very intuitive and skilled. She's fantastic!
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Lanna L
I’m grateful to Emily for her presence and guidance in the most difficult moments of my life. She is a powerful healer and uses intuition to determine the best approach to healing in a session and she has always been on point. She has a variety of tools in her toolbox and there’s always something that helps. Her gentle voice and sweet presence has always made me feel safe and helped me to be vulnerable and be able to dive deep into healing. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in their journey to recovery after trauma.