What to expect in a session?

In each session we will clear as many energetic blocks and imbalances as we can in the timeframe. Results vary depending on the individual’s processing speed and the number of imbalances contributing to the issue being addressed. Clients experience greater feelings of presentness, lightness, and improved mental clarity by the end of a session. They also experience a decrease in the severity of the issue attended to during the session. The symptoms will either decrease or disappear entirely. Symptoms or issues that are chronic, old, or have a lot of baggage contributing to them usually take multiple sessions to fully clear. The typical pattern is to experience the symptom decrease or disappear during the session and return a few days later but to a lesser extent. For example, if we clear half of the imbalances contributing to the issue, the symptom may disappear for a few days and surface at 50% of the previous severity. This gives us a picture of how many more imbalances remain that need to be cleared.

What symptoms and imbalances do Release Sessions help with?

Here are a few examples of issues my clients have been helped with:

high blood pressure, joint pain with barometric pressure changes, reversing preterm labor, physical pain, tendonitis, anxiety, depression, numbness in abdomen related to c-section scar, distance and loneliness in close relationships, pain and muscle tension from whiplash, morning sickness, food allergies, hives, self-sabotage, cold and sinus congestion, knee pain, toe-walking, back pain, pain from insect bites or stings, anger triggers in relationships, fatigue, heart-ache, sleep issues, mastitis, nervous stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, achiness from old injuries, headaches, and more.