Personality Typing

Understanding yourself and your strengths and weaknesses can make a huge difference in your mental health, self-talk, sense of empowerment and value. I’ve noticed that people often don’t step into their power, feel their worth, or fulfill their personal missions until they have a clearer vision of their make-up.

This is a fun personality typing book based on your dominant energy types. Although I think we are all so complex and have so many factors that 1 personality typing system wouldn’t cover all our unique ingredients, it is still a very useful experience to discover more about ourselves be reading insightful typing books like this one.



The Color Code is a simply and helpful book to notice some temperament and basic trait categories and differences. It helps to notice what temperaments and moods you tend to, and notice which ones you’d like to incorporate. It also helps to notice general personality types in others at a glance.


For an in-depth more personalized assessment of your innate traits, Jordan Peterson’s Big 5 Traits personality assessment is useful.

And his self-authoring program which can be found at the link above as well is a great exercise in assessing your path, your current state, and re-writing you story, all of which help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and shift toward what you’d like to change going forward.

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