Book NonViolent Communication

Of all the communication books I’ve read in my life this is my #1 favorite because it teaches how to say Anything in a way that will not only be understood by your listener but empathized with. It also teaches how to take ownership of getting your own needs met so you’re not dependent on others. This book alone makes a Huge difference in marriages, friendships, work relationships, etc by empowering you to be able to express yourself, get your needs met, understand and sympathize with other’s needs and emotions, and treat yourself and others in an honoring way. I can’t say enough about how this book has changes lives and increased connection!!

This method has helped on national and tribal levels (i.e. helping warring countries and tribes communicate and work out issues) as well as marriage and individual levels. It is so effective and life-changing that there are support and practice groups that meet to practice this method all over the world.

You can check out the Non-Violent Communication website and additional resources here:

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