Book: IFS Self-Therapy

IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems) is one of my top 5 favorite healing modalities because it is powerfully efficient, effective, self-directed, can be done at home on your own, and fully heals wounds and turns them into strengths. It has been beautifully fit into this intro book, so that simply be reading this book you can learn all about IFS AND how to do it on yourself! Or if you and a friend both read it you can do it with a friend!

This modality soo resonates with me and is so pure and powerful and heals the entire cause and wound, it is such a gift to the world! And it’s even better that it’s been made so easily available to every person and household in this book, “Self-Therapy: a step-by-step guide to creating wholeness and healing your inner child using IFS, a new cutting edge psychotherapy.”

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