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About Emily

I have experienced trauma, dysfunction, baggage, generational limitations and patterns of pain. It caused me anguish to feel broken in a hundred ways, and incapable of experiencing the joy in life; feeling alone, a general lack of trust, expecting the worst. No matter how hard I tried I would end up with sorrow, heartache, and hopelessness about ever finding and experiencing joy in life.

The idea of embracing my divine nature and experiencing abundance, safety, and inner joy was desirable but seemed unattainable. I had a lot of faulty programming and negative core beliefs based on my experiences.

Ever since I was a young child I was intensely hungry for joy. It resonated with a small part of me but could never be held for very long before it was pushed out by all the negativity inside. I have dedicated my life to finding out if whole and complete healing is possible and how to do it. I am here today to tell you that it is, and not only can you heal, but you can discover who you really are and live the joyful life you were made for.

I am so very grateful for the healing I have experienced and am thrilled to help you on your healing journey. This is my favorite thing in life: sharing this with everyone.

Through my life experiences, I discovered that healing (body, mind and soul) is possible and discovered my purpose as a healer. After many sessions, my life has completely changed. I have accessed more joy, light, abundance, safety, connection to myself, others and a higher power, creation, fun, growth, excitement and self-discovery.

Do you want to experience the transformative effect of this healing work in your life?

No matter what your issues are, these methods have the potential to track down the root causes of the problems you are experiencing. The good news is you can turn things around. I can help you to uncover causes and root them out to find balance and healing.

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